Company Overview

Dong-A Electric Co., Ltd. has been doing its best for 60 years.

Factory (company) Dong-A Electric Co., Ltd.
Representative Kim Kwang-soo
Location 74 Dadaero137beon-gil, Saha-gu, Busan Metropolitan City
phone number 051.206.7171
Representative items Wiring breaker, earth leakage breaker, electronic contactor, household distribution board

Company History

SINCE1955 Dong-A Electric Co., Ltd. has grown with customers.


January 2020
Confirmed as a material parts specialized company (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
December 2019
Commendation by Minister of Excellent Small and Medium Business (Ministry of Small and Medium Business)
December 2019
Selected as a leading company for intelligent machinery parts (Busan Metropolitan City)
December 2019
Commendation for Minister of Electricity Industry Development (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
April 2018
Global Small and Medium Business Certification (Advanced Business, Small and Medium Business Administration)
December 2018
Achieved the Tower of Five Million Dollar Export
December 2017
Family-friendly company certification (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
May 2016
Country of origin certification by item Exporter certification
July 2016
breaker for residential wiring (IEC61009)
July 2016
Acquired KS standard for residential earth leakage breaker (IEC61898)
November 2016
Taewoo Kim inaugurated as the president
July 2015
Small Business Excellence Award (Busan Metropolitan City)
November 2015
Acquired KS C 8305 wiring plug connector certification
December 2015
Export Promising Small and Medium Business Certification (Small and Medium Business Administration)
December 2015
Achieved the USD 1 Million Export Tower
June 2014
ACB/ATS merger with Seoil Machinery
March 2013
KS mark authentication
July 2012
KS C4613, 8321 Changes in certification labeling due to change of CEO
July 2012
KS C4613, 8321 Standard name change according to specification revision
Earth leakage breaker → Industrial earth leakage breaker / Wiring breaker → Industrial wiring breaker
November 2010
Awarded the plaque of power technology development (Korea Electric Power Engineers Association)
August 2010
Immediately acquire all items overseas (CE, TUV)


June 2009
ZCT embedded MCCB procurement agency excellent product extension
October 2009
TUV / CE wiring / Leakage circuit breaker full specification approval
October 2008
Acquired additional certification for Korean industry standard (MCCB)
November 2008
Acquired KS A ISO 9001:2007 / ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification
May 2007
ZCT embedded MCCB NEP acquisition
June 2007
Acquired new product certification for circuit breaker with built-in video current transformer (below 225A)
June 2006
Acquired Excellent Product Certification by ZCT Embedded MCCB Procurement Service
July 2005
Excellent Small and Medium Business Award from Busan Small and Medium Business Administration
August 2005
Korea Industrial Technology Association recognized as an affiliated research institute
November 2005
Received the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy award for long-term national projects
November 2005
Designated as a company innovative small and medium business (INNO-BIZ)
April 2004
New product certification (NEP)
April 2004
Acquired Excellent Quality Certification EM (Built-in ZCT) mark
September 2004
Received the Prime Minister's Award at the Safety Management Promotion Contest hosted by Korea Electrical Safety Corporation
May 2002
CE certified
September 2001
Acquired CCC certification for electronic contactor/switch
February 2000
Selected as an export enterprise by KOTRA
March 2000
Acquired VDE (GERMANY-type approval) certification


April 1997
Acquired ISO9001 quality system certification
January 1990
Acquired KS mark permission for residential distribution panel (KSc 8326)


November 1987
1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
October 1985
Acquired permission for KS marking of one type other than the circuit breaker (KSC 8321)
October 1985
Acquired KS C 4613/8321 mark approval
March 1984
K.R. Acquired permission to mark the approval of the Korean Register of Shipping


December 1977
Converted to Donga Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
April 1955
Dong-A Chemical Industry Company established (Yeongju-dong, Jung-gu)